Listed below are spay/neuter and Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Resources (traps and drop traps).

If you are seeking assistance and are out of the area or are seeking additional resources, please visit Pets 911 at or phone their toll-free, bilingual hotline 1-888-PETS-911. Additionally, there are spay/neuter resource lists at the following websites:

For a comprehensive list of resources on stray and feral cats (outdoor living, trapping, traps, drop traps, shelters, food/water tips, etc.) please check out the Yahoo! Group Feral Cats in South Central PA and search the FILES and LINKS sections. Click here to join the group.

If you need assistance on other dog/cat related issues (behavior issues, how to find a home for a dog or cat, etc.), please check out the Pet Resource Library here.

Visit Alley Cat Allies, the leading national feral cat organization, here; and Neighborhood Cats, one of the leading feral cat organizations, here.


Adams County Prevent A Litter Society, Inc. (ACPALS)
PO Box 3682
Gettysburg, PA 17325
Phone: (717) 624-3408
Contact: Dottie Barger
Offers certificates for $20.00 off male neuters and $30.00 off female spays at participating vets.

Animal Birth Control
206 Fiddler's Elbow Road
Middletown, PA
Phone: (717) 220-1661
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Located off Chambers Hill Road.

Animal Rescue
2 Heritage Farm Drive
New Freedom, PA 17349
Low-cost spay/neuter program for cats
Phone: (717) 993-3232
Located in York County. Offers spay/neuter clinic for cats.

Castaway Critters' Operation CatNIP
PO Box 1421
Harrisburg, PA 17105-1421
Phone (717) 831-5010
Offers free spay/neuter services for cats (pet and feral/stray, free roaming) in the City of Harrisburg.

Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance
Via its De-Sex in the City Program, provides free spay/neuter to dogs in the City of Harrisurg by calling 717-576-0899 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Friends of All Animals
Located in Fredricksburg on Rt 343 near Darke's Greenhouse.
They have a clinic on Sundays by appointment & charge $45.00 to spay female cats; $10.00 for any shots. Please contact for additional information/prices.

Greys and Strays
Lebanon, PA
Phone: (717) 304-9987
Cat spay/neuter clinics almost every Friday and some Sundays in Lebanon. Cost is $35 males, $45 females with shots (not required) about $10 ea.

Helping Hands for Animals
PO Box 162
Lampeter, PA 17537
Spay/Neuter Program for cats and dogs in Lancaster County.
Phone: 717-687-7297

Humane League of Lancaster County
2195 Lincoln Highway East
Lancaster, PA 17602
(717) 393- 6551
Spay/Neuter for cats in the County. Lancaster Ciy residents click here.

Humane Society of the Harrisburg Area, Inc.
7790 Grayson Road
Harrisburg, PA 17111
(717) 564-3320
For more information, please call or check website.

Kitz and Katz Animal Foundation
P.O. Box 244
Hanover, PA 17331
Phone: 717-630-5025
Offers spay/neuter certificates in the Hanover area.

Organization for Responsible Care of Animals (ORCA)
Low cost spay/neuter program
Phone: (717) 397-8922 PA Pets Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Assistance Program
A financial-assistance program for the pets of low-income people and families in Northumberland, Snyder and Union counties
Phone: 1-866-472-7387

P.O. Box 855
Camp Hill, PA 17001
Phone: (717) 957-8122, Box 3; for spay neuter clinics for unowned cats being returned to the outdoors  (schedule here); Also offers reduced fee spay/neuter program for pets here.

Spay Neuter Assistance Fund (SNAP)
PO Box 274
Enola, PA 17025-0274
Phone: 717-732-LESS (5377)
Low-cost coupons & financial assistance grants for s/n. Spay/Neuter Express (Cats only)
Sponsored by Spay/Neuter Assistance Program and co-sponsored by PAWS and the Helen O. Krause Animal Foundation. For information on both programs and to download vouchers, click here.

Tri County Vet Services
Loysville, Perry County

York County SPCA
3159 Susquehanna Trail North
York, PA 17046
Phone: 717- 764-6109
Offers a reduced fee spay/neuter program for dogs & cats. Please call for information.

United Animal Nations
5892A South Land Park Drive
P.O. Box 188890
Sacramento, CA 95818
Phone: 916-429-2457; E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Grants for emergency life-saving medical care.

For areas with a large (9+) number of cats, please contact CPAA for large-scale efforts. Also, don't forget to arrange for use of traps. If funding is unavailable, we suggesting making multiple appointments as close as possible - see PAWS TNR Spay/Neuter schedule and also fundraising for your colony (see and Please include your name, address, phone number of cats, and any other pertinent information.


Please check with your local municipality to see if they have humane traps available for the purposes of implementing Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR).

Angel Pets
Phone: (717) 921-2117
Has traps, transport carriers, drop traps for loan and for sale. Also has available a big dog trap if people want to help a shy or lost dog. Deposit of $20 to be returned when equipment is returned.

Camp Hill Borough
2145 Walnut Street
Camp Hill, PA 17011
Phone: (717) 737-3456
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The borough rents out traps for $10 for two weeks (they refund you $5).

CPAA, call 717-576-0899.

Humane Society of Harrisburg Area, Inc.
7790 Grayson Road
Harrisburg, PA 17111
Phone: (717) 564-3320
Rental fee and deposit required.

Humane League of Lancaster County
Phone: (717) 393-6551

PAWS, 957-8122

Swatara Township
Swatara Township Municipal Building
599 Eisenhower Blvd.
Harrisburg, PA 17111
Phone: (717) 564-2551

York County Feral Cat Coalition
Trap loans: agreement and refundable deposit required, contact Jane Heller, 845-3797

York County SPCA, 225-5532
Trap rental, call for information

Note: If no traps are available in the area, the caller can rent traps for $1.00/day at The Feed Store on Old Jonestown Rd, phone 545-5314. If the caller has a large colony and intends to be trapping for some time, it may be wise to purchase traps. We recommend using a trap with a rear door, either a 30" or 36". Trap dividers, about $12, can be purchased if a cat needs to stay an extra day in the trap. We like Safeguard traps. Some sources:
Johnson's Furs, Enola: 766-8166

Home Depot, Lowe's, Petsmart
Flea markets may have used traps. Disinfect prior to use.
Tomahawk Live Trap Co. (800) 272-8727
ACES (Animal Care Equipment & Services, Inc.) (800) 338-ACES
Heart of the Earth Marketing (800) 526-1644 Ask for Tru-Catch traps.
Drop trap from Dawn Rowley, 484-433-0159


Alley Cat Allies,
Castaway Critters,  
Neighborhood Cats,


Alley Cat Allies Community, Find a friend, join a community here
Best Friends Network, join the network and connect with others in your locality
PA Groups from Castaway Critters, scroll down to Pennsylvania

Pets 911, Enter your zip code, then click on Rescues/Shelters to find groups who can help